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Server Rules (Temporary)

1. It is forbidden to rob other players from their items. Any attempt to steal may be punished by blocking the account on the server from 1 day to 21 days and confiscation of items obtained from stealing. The length of the penalty is determined according to the criteria of the administration and the degree of the offense committed.

2. It is forbidden to use administration failures, game engine errors, map errors, and the use of illegal software that is blocked by Easy Anti Cheat. If the player is not sure if he commits an offense during the game, then it is good to contact the server administrator to determine if the deed complies with the rules. The punishment for this offense is to block the account on the server from 7 days up and confiscate items obtained through the use of undesirable practice.

3. It is forbidden to insult/threaten/stalk other players, as well as friends/family members of other players. The penalty is set in the event that the insulted person reports the matter to the administration, and will have evidence of it in the form of a recording, where they are insults on the voice chat, and screen shots when the offense is committed on the chat. Then work is started to ban the offending/threatening/offender for a period of 1 hour to the next maximum wipe. (An exceptional situation may be death threatening, beatings or similar practices in real life, threatening the life of the offended person. Then punishment is imposed in the form of 14 days and up).

4. It is forbidden to advertise other servers from RUST and other games. The administration turns a blind eye to nicknames containing links to gambling sites from games such as CS: GO to the level when advertising a given page/offer in a chat or voice chat does not start. The penalty for advertising is to lock your account depending on whether the ad was intentionally or accidentally sent. Players then receive an account lock for a period of 7 days and up.

5. It is forbidden to send repeated messages in the chat more than 5 times in a row. The exception is an urgent situation to the administrator, and the administrator does not see the message in the chat. The punishment for this offense is to block the chat from 5 minutes to 2 hours.

6. It is forbidden to impersonate other players and administrations with a nickname. Impersonation includes a very similar (not the same) nickname set up for fraud, etc. If suspicion of suspicion is suspected, then the administration checks the time when the nickname was changed and if the rules are violated, the impersonator receives an account lockout on the server on time from 24 hours to 7 days.

7. It is forbidden to hinder other players of the game (so-called stalking) through voice chat, being too long with the stalked person and through chat. Stalking is only punished if the stalking person reports the matter to the administration. If it was stalking through voice chat, a stalking confirmation recording is required, and in other situations it would be a great help for the administration to take screenshots of the stalker's offense. The penalty for obstructing the game of another player/players is to block the account for 1 hour to 3 days.

8. It is forbidden to commit offenses that are enshrined in Polish law (We mean the principles according to which each of us leads a civilized way of life). The punishment for this offense is to block the chat from 15 minutes to 6 hours and to block the account from 1 hour upwards.

9. It is forbidden to send to third parties and other participants of the game personal data of other players without their permission. The offense is taken into account when the injured party reports to the administration to resolve the dispute. In this situation, the penalty imposed is a lock on the server from 1 hour up. The penalty is set by the level of information provided, e.g. ID, bank card details (XD), etc.

10. It is forbidden to authorize in facilities not belonging to your person and to people who are not aware of the procedure being carried out. The penalty is determined when it is documented and a complaint in the form of a film/photo is sent to the administration. In this case, the account is blocked from 1 hour to 3 hours.

11. When committing any offense, a warning (instead of blocking) may be given to the player if the offense was his first and minor, or just very minor. The administrator of the server decides whether to issue a warning. Each player has the right to a maximum of 3 warnings. After the limit of warnings is reached, the penalties listed in the server rules are strictly imposed.

12. It is forbidden to enclose monuments/buildings of other players in order to disturb the game or attempt to appropriate the public monument/private object of the player. A penalty is awarded if another player reports the matter to the server administration. The penalty in this case is to block the account from 1 hour to 12 hours.

13. For the sake of order and peace, please preserve the culture on both voice and normal chat. Abuse of swear words can be treated as an offense and punishment in the form of writing/speaking will be imposed for a period of 15 minutes to 3 hours.

14. When using public gameplay elements, such as a recycler in a coin or public excavator, one should not move away from the place of the procedure being carried out, because the administration is not responsible for items stolen in this way and there is no penalty. However, when you observe a player trying to steal your belongings while using a public item, try to document it and send it to the administration. Then the person who steals is penalized according to the penalty schedule in the first point.

15. It is forbidden to position objects causing excessive FPS drops (reflectors, etc.). When this situation is reported, items that cause inheritances are removed at the expense of the owner of the objects. However, when the owner of the objects is currently on the server, a request is sent to remove the placed objects due to the decrease in game performance.

16. It is forbidden to set the so-called bots on the server to facilitate the game. An example of this is a bot that catches fish while you are away from the computer. When a player is caught not enforcing this sub-item, he will be kicked out of the server at first, but if the situation repeats excessively, a penalty of 2 hours to 7 days will be applied to the account.

17. It is forbidden to set homes in inaccessible places which are possible to reach by map errors and plugins. An example of a place would be a mone in the middle of the roch or under a map. In the worst case, the punishment for this can be an account lockout of up to 7 days. Any home placed in an illegal location is removed without informing the owner.

18. The "Stealing helicopter = BAN" rule applies only if the person/clan who called for the helicopter has only one helicopter active, and if the person/clan that called the helicopter does not leave the server.

19. There can be max 4 active helicopters on the map, and one clan can call a maximum of 3 helicopters at a time. A larger amount may end for the person/clan calling the helicopters with a penalty in the form of a lock on the account from 1 day to 7 days.

20. It is recommended that you keep building in freshwater areas to a minimum in cases where there are only a small number of drinking water in reservoirs/rivers on the map, to allow all players to build a farm more easily. In cases where this point is broken, the player will be forced to destroy some of the buildings that excessively block access to fresh water.

21. When summoning a helicopter, you need to summon it from the heli tower. If this requirement is not met, point 18 of the regulations does not apply.

22. It is forbidden to create multiple accounts to gain an advantage over other players or to exceed the limit of items per player. A player may have more than one account when normal gameplay is taking place on that account and does not exhibit any disturbing behavior. If a violation of this point is detected, a permanent blockade is imposed on the multi-account and depending on the situation, a blockade may be imposed on the account from 1 day to 28 days.

21. The administrator has the right to issue a penalty other than that described in the rules, if in his opinion it is too serious / exaggerated for the act committed.

22. When the situation can be seen as an offense, and it is not recorded in the server rules, the administrator may take the action of resolving the conflict and punishing the person who is possibly committing the offense. In this situation, a thorough conversation is conducted with the person who may have committed a given offense in order to determine the course of the offense and ultimately punish.

23. The administration reserves the right to edit the server rules when it notices a shortcoming or the last new item.

24. Ignorance of the rules does not release them from non-compliance with them and staying on the server without the rules laid down therein.

25. Thank you for reading our rules and as part of our thanks you will receive the "rules" code, which you can pick up on the server under the "/code rules" command.

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