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List of our RUST Maps


Our own custom map! Created in the summer holidays 2018. It has a system of tunnels under the map, making it easy to move around it. There are several small custom monuments on it. There is very little winter biome on the map, the desert is not too much, but i think it is enough. After experience I know that the player love this map! The link to the map trailer (may be outdated) can be found Here.

Dragon Valley

The map was made and purchased from Keirox, who has been working on maps since the editor's release. On the map you will find things like a castle or a village with a church and a cemetery. There are many interesting small things on the map that you'll love. The link to the map trailer (may be outdated) can be found Here.


The map is exceptionally flat. It contains only one mountain range which is usually filled in a huge amount of rocks. There are forests on the map, so you will not lack wood. This is the favorite map of many people who started playing on our server at the time. Kind of simple but cool! :D

Dante's Peak

One of the newer maps in our pool. It contains a volcano, several custom monuments, and how interesting the terrain. The link to the map trailer (may be outdated) can be found Here.

Destroyed Island

Map created by Wreckless. This is the largest of all maps, because its size is up to 4500, but the oceans occupy a large part of the map. The map is quite mountainous, but it has a very nice area, which even looks beautiful without rocks. Certainly breathtaking is the first look at the map when you will press one of your keyboard buttons which opens the map.


It is a converted Procedural map with many very interesting monuments, such as the excavator created by the community, a port, a zoo and many others. This is a break from our scheme, because on the server we usually have completely custom maps, but one day you have to break out! :D

Rad Islands

The map is quite small. its size is only 3000 and that's why it is less often found on our server. It has an amazing mountain range, and huge custom monuments that are breathtaking. We don't know if it will ever appear on our server again because of its size, but maybe ... sometime :P


A map where boat will be your friend, because navigating it is not as easy as it seems. It is made by Meza, who sometimes helped me when I was having difficulty creating my maps for RUST. From this map the broadcasting tower was took to other server maps, loved by most of the server community as a custom monument. It is rare on the server because it did not appeal to players during its first appearance, but maybe one day it will put on coat again, and will come back to our server in style! The link to the map trailer (may be outdated) can be found Here.

Proc Gen

When we have no idea for a map for a given wipe, then the answer comes in the form of a modified Procedural map by us. We add some custom monuments and places to build up on it. Nothing special. We just have no idea! :D


Another very interesting map. The title dam is the biggest hit on this map. On the map we will find many custom monuments with puzzles. The link to the map trailer (may be outdated) can be found Here.


I've been working on my next map for a good 6 months. My goal is to rework each monument so that it is unrecognizable, and assume that 50% of the monuments on the map will be custom! Keep your fingers crossed for me, because in the next months you will see on the server! :D

New maps soon!

The Earth - Apocalypse

Map one of the most developed in RUST! It is loved by the game community, but it will appear on the server only in the near future. Breathtaking is definitely an abandoned city with collapsed skyscrapers. Let's not forget about the rest of the map, which is arranged in a map of the world! The link to the map trailer (may be outdated) can be found Here.

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