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Finally the English version!

After long expectations finally the English side of the website is here!
Now you can safely use it on your phone, tablet and computer. Only 4K can create small problems, but over time this resolution will also be supported.

ThePitereq, 10.03.2020

Server Wipe!

The server has been wiped! You can easily play without thinking that someone will dred you. There are no new features from wipe maps, but a new system of indestructible tools should come with force wipe.
Have a nice game during the new wipe. Administration

ThePitereq, 05.03.2020

Server Trailer

Server Informations

⋆Processor: Intel Core i7-8700 3.20GHz⋆
⋆RAM Memory: 12GB⋆
⋆Server Localization: Germany⋆
⋆Slot amount: 100⋆

⋆You are welcome!⋆

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